Lynn Chase

Wendy has cooked for us through out the last 10 years for special occasions. The food is always so delicious, its hard to not gobble it down, I have to make myself slow down and enjoy all the wonderful flavors. Her presentation is her specialty. She makes it all look so beautiful. I also have some diet limitations and she is so good at coming up with something wonderful for me to try. I love that she uses fresh seasonal produce and organic foods.

Lynn Schroeder

Wendy and her Sous Chef did not disappoint! The food they served was Delicious! The presentation of each dish was picture perfect. They spoiled our group with their attentive service. We will definitely be setting up another dinner when we come back to Telluride.

Mary Whalley

Wendy has cooked for us for many years, from our vacation homes to are very own restaurant in the sky, our plane. She has prepared a variety of wonderful cuisines, including beautiful seafood dishes and international delights. Her style and attention to detail are not only appreciated, but always simplify her creativity to such amazing dishes!

Mark Monsma

Throughout the years Wendy has provided outstanding cuisine with a touch of flare and unique style to every dish she creates. Her culinary expertise and attention to detail are nothing short of amazing. Working within budget makes her an asset to any kitchen! Her love for food shows in her beautiful presentation and taste on the palate.

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